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We are finally here, at the end.
Who is gonna fall and die first?
— Valerie

Valerie Melville (Full Name: Valerie Cecily Isobel Melville), known as "The Hunter", is a former main charcter in the novel series and major antagonist.

She is older half-sister of Riley Banner, and the daughter of lady Beatrice and the angel, lord Nicholas Melville.

Physical Appearance


Full Name

First Names

  • Valerie - feminine name of French Origin, means "Strong" or "Brave", "Valiant", "Fierce"
  • Other nicknames: Valeria, Val
  • Cecily - feminine name of English Origin, means "Blind"
  • Isobel - feminine name of Scottish Origin, means the same as Belle, or Isabelle and that is "Beautiful", "Fair", "Lovely one"

Last Name

  • Melville - last name of Scottish or Irish Origin. In Scotland, the name is a habitational name, originally of Norman origin, derived from any of several places called Malleville in Normandy. The place name Malleville is derived from the Latin elements mala("bad") and ville ("settlement").
  • From the place name Malleville meaning "bad town" in Norman French.


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