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Oh, I was there because I should have been there, and you know it. We are just suppoused to wait.
— Riley to William Lambert

Riley Banner (Full Name: Riley Aileen Brenna Erin Siobhan Jane Tara Banner ), known as "The Mouse" or "The Chosen", is a main character, protagonist and heroine of The Vampire's Life Forever (Novel Series). Her twin flame soulmate is William Lambert.

She is best friend with Caroline Maxwell and Olivia Ainsley. Her rival is Callie Rey. She is a former girlfriend of William Lambert. Riley in now girfriend of Michael Lambert. Although the third brother tried to win her heart, she hasn't got any feeling for him.

Physical Appearance


Full Name

First Names

  1. Riley - feminine name of Irish Origin, means "Brave"
  2. Aileen - feminine name of Irish and Scottish Origin, means "Light" and is variant of Evelyn
  3. Brenna - feminine name of Celtic and Irish Origin, means "Raven" or "black-haired" and is also used as variant of Brenda
  4. Erin - feminine name of Celtic, Gaelic and Irish Origin, means "Peace" and is also poetic name for Ireland
  5. Siobhan - a feminine name of Gaelic and Irish Origin, means "God has been gracious"
  6. Jane - a feminine name of English and Hebrew Origin, means also "God has been gracious"
  7. Tara - a feminine name of Gaelic, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Sanskrit and Scottish Origin, means "Rocky hill" in Irish, "Star" in Hindi, Persian and Snaskrit

Last Name

  1. Banner - last name which means "Flag"


William Lambert

Michael Lambert

Logan Lambert

Caroline Maxwell

Olivia Ainsley